About Us



EVE is a consulting enterprise entirely devoted to the museal management. More specifically, we consider the various sectors of activity as a unified whole, a consistent system, that is to say determined solely by this very whole for which they are only parts. By studying them in their entirety, EVE develops effective and sustainable solutions to identify the weaknesses. This holistic approach, endorsed to deal with museology and management works, represents the hallmark of EVE.

Ricardo Cano, EVE’s Creative Director

Born in Spain, Professor Ricardo Cano was a student in Fort Lauderdale Design School, EINA and George Washington University. He has also attended the Barcelona Center of Design (BCD) to finish his master in Industrial Design. Professor Ricardo Cano has been a working teaching design and museography at LICEUS and taken courses on the preservation and restoration of culturally and historically significant buildings. He has held numerous museums construction and design of exhibitions all over the world, including cultural centers and alternative art spaces in Spain and EEUU. Ricardo Cano has worked for more than 25 years in the museology field.