These are our current exhibiitons to rent. Each exhibition can be host for at least 3 months to 6 months.

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It is an invitation to visit the hidden treasures of a civilization full of myths and wonderful secrets.

Divided into 6 big areas, the exhibition invites the visitor to dive into the secret life of the marvelous ancient civilization.

This is a unique exhibition that will become a cultural hit with great success.

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Because this is the sixth blockbuster of the movie cinema history, this exhibition is going to be a huge event in Asia, which is inspired by the exciting Transformers saga franchise. This exhibition is represented by the most popular characters from the epic battles between the Autobots and Decepticons.


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This exhibition is the best chance for us to remember the bravest and honorable valiant men that have always been through time, the strongest columns of world we know today.

Come and meet the nobility of the great warriors that gave their lives fighting for an ideal.


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This exhibition take us on a trip to the Pleistocene Age, when the planet earth turned into ice and as a consequence, life on earth became extinct.

During this time until around 11 thousand years ago, the megabeasts appeared and thrived. They also dominated our planet and our wildest imaginations.

This exhibition features full-size megabeasts including some that move with Animatronics.

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For the very first time in Asia you will see dinosaurs in their real-live scale. You will be amazed and shocked in this wonderful EVE Exhibition where you will see dinosaurs as large as 30m x 10m or a Tyranosaurus at 10m x 5m.

Take a look around and discover a entire new world: the land of the giant creatures which are millions of years old.

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This beautiful exhibition invites both children and adults to visit the World of the Wild. The exhibits are huge 1:1 scale including the massive sperm whale. This is a recreation of the evolution in the different ecosystems of Planet Earth and to follow the tracks that will take us to the wildest side of the jungle. 

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